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The Far Side® Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Gary Larson?

Please know that while Mr. Larson cannot personally respond to his fan mail (due to the high volume), he truly appreciates the continued support of fans like you. You are welcome to send us comments about Mr. Larson’s work or a personal story about the feature to our main support email address at

Please also note that Mr. Larson rarely does interviews, is not currently available for public appearances, and does not provide autographs outside of scheduled book signings.

Can I submit an idea for a comic to Gary Larson?

Mr. Larson has always prided himself on the fact that his work is completely original and that every The Far Side® cartoon was his own idea. He has a blanket policy whereby he does not accept unsolicited comic submissions and/or ideas for cartoons or jokes.

Can I send copies of my own cartoons/artwork/creative projects to Gary Larson for his feedback or endorsement? 

Mr. Larson long ago established a policy of not looking at, discussing, nor reviewing the work of other cartoonists or creators who seek his input or advice. No such materials sent to AMU will be forwarded to Mr. Larson.

Where can I find and purchase merchandise associated with The Far Side®?

All products, including art prints, books, calendars, and DVDs, can be found here.

Can I order an art print of a cartoon that isn’t shown on the website?

The only cartoons available from The Far Side® as comic art prints are currently displayed on our website. However, we are excited to hear from the fans of The Far Side® about what other cartoons they might like to see as comic art prints. Please send us an email at to let us know which cartoon(s) you would like to see as a print. We will pass along your suggestion to our product development team for consideration and possible inclusion in a future print release. We encourage you to check the shop regularly for updates to our print selection.

How do I request reprint permission or submit a licensing proposal?

Please note that all of Mr. Larson’s works are protected by applicable copyright and trademark laws, and may not be used for any purpose without the express written permission of Mr. Larson and/or FarWorks, Inc., the company that owns and administers the intellectual property rights to The Far Side® cartoons and all related works by Mr. Larson.

If you are looking to use a The Far Side® cartoon in a book, presentation, website, blog, article, newsletter, etc., this is considered a reprint permissions request. Unfortunately, the reprint permissions program for The Far Side® is on hiatus, and we are currently unable to accept or process any new requests. We hope to resume reprint permissions for The Far Side® in the future, so check back with us later if your interest remains.

For licensing requests or proposals to use The Far Side® cartoons on product or merchandise, contact us at for assistance. FarWorks, Inc. will require their standard Waiver and Release to be signed and returned before they see, hear about, or discuss any such unsolicited requests.